Creating hosted subdomains


I have a domain fully hosted at Dreamhost, running under user admin hosted on Hancock. Subdir is set up and running also under admin. If I “Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain” on domain settings to set up running under admin (not “new user”) hoping to make those url’s equivalent, using the same hosted directory tree without using a redirect, it’s not working (ip address not found, but the ip is automatically set and not editable). It seems like this should be easy but I’m just banging my head.

In the past I’ve had a frustrating time setting up a sub domain with associated SFTP user and service that utilizes an FTP directory mapped to web directory, and now having trouble syncing those common requirements to two basic subdomain syntaxs. I wonder if there is a more efficient way to set all this up and manage it.

For example, given my domain, for a project “topic” I set up subdomains and, which should serve up the same site but maintain whatever URI syntax used without redirecting. I set up SFTP user “TopicFTP” which lets people SFTP to “” and upload what will then become visible at “” and “” and maybe even “”.

Using the current control panel this seems like a very long, error prone, and complicated work flow using a lot of disconnected documentation.


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