Creating Horde Database

I am installing the Horde Framework and have run into a problem.

The SQL script they provide to drop and create the database needs to “USE mysql”. Within the body of the script it attempt to create a new user in the “user” table and a new database in the “db” table. Is that something that I can do from within phpMyAdmin?

When I attempt to run the script from within phpMyAdmin, I tells me that I do not have access to “mysql”. It appears that I will have to do this as root, but how do I do that?

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

If I remember correctly, you can safely delete those lines. Instead, you would create the database and the user through the web panel.

Attempting to create the database in the web panel results in a message teling me that the ‘horde’ database has already bene taken. I suppose I could use a different name, but then wouldn’t I have to change the database reference throughout the Horde framework code?

There’s got to be an easier way than that, no?

Anyone else do this recently with some details?

You’ll need to pick a new database name, and then edit the .sql file to reflect that change. Each Horde application has a config.php file in which you will specify the database name. You won’t have to change code anywhere else.