Creating "Hidden" Directories?

i’m new at this, and i managed to create a directory and create a link to it from my homepage. it worked no problem. but now, i’m trying to create a “hidden” directory, which has no link to it from the main html page. what i want is for somebody to have to type in the full address (which they would have to know) in order to access it. i created a folder and put an html page in there, just like i did for the directory that i have a link to, but it’s not working. the only thing i did differently (i think) is i didn’t add a link to it from the main page - which i don’t want. but i get an error when trying to access it. it says “Forbidden…You do not have access…”, and then there is a secondary error that is a 404 error. I changed the permissions on the folder itself (the supposed new directory), but that doesn’t seem to work. do i have to somehow reference it by adding something to the main html page? i don’t understand why this isn’t working. please help, thanks!

Did you change the permissions back to 755? If the directory permissions disable public “read” or “execute” you’ll get the “Forbidden” error. And the files in that directory have to enable public “read” as well, 644 for data files or 755 for scripts.

Did you put an .htaccess file in that directory? If so, what directives did you put in it?

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