Creating FTP?

Ok, I am not really new to design concept but I need some help. I am trying to build a web page that I can send users to. From there I want them to be able to enter a user name and password which will direct them to their folder on an ftp site. There probably wouldn’t be more than 4 or 5 users – one being myself with access to everything. Some of the users will need upload and download permissions and some just download. Any help is so much appreciated.

If you’re talking about them logging in to this via a website, you’ll need php and mySQL probably, which are both things you’d have to teach yourself since downloading someone else’s code can get you quickly into virus land.

I think when you set up their user accounts, you can mess with permissions then.

I’ve never tried something like that so I’m not 100% on this. You might try looking around some php code sites for more help.


Ok, wow…that would definitely exceed my current knowledge base! What if this was just a regular old FTP site. Would it be possible to have separate logins direct to different folders on the FTP site. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on how to set all this up but I do appreciate your time! If you know of any good online resources which you think I might find helpful I’d love to read up.

I think that would just mean setting it up in the SSH to where different people had the permissions/rights to different folders.

Like userA might have read only access (can see it but not download) and userB might have read, and execute (meaning they could download), and userC might have read, write, and execute (meaning they could also upload).

I think once the logins are set up, the rest would be handled in SSH using unix or linux commands.

Also, found these in the Dreamhost Knowledge Base. The first one looks like it has what you want to do as well:

For Linux/Unix commands:

More on FTP:


This thread has been super helpful (as well as the “Add Users” thread). I’d like to try and fully understand this and make sure that what I want to do is not currently possible.

The easiest way for me to explain this is to give an example.

For the directory structure I’d like to have a folder that I’ll call “Master Directory”, containing three folders “Vendors”, “Customers”, and “Archives”. In the “Vendor” folder I would like to have folders “Vendor A”, “Vendor B”, and “Vendor C”. In “Customers” folder I would like to have “Customer A”, “Customer B”, and “Customer C”.

For the user structure I would like to have unique logins and user names for each “customer” and each “vendor” that will only give them access to their respective folder and no others (Customer A login directs access to only Customer A folder). And then there would need to be an “administrator” login which would have access to all of these folders, and the only login which would have access to the “archives” folder.

As for permissions, some of these “vendors” and “customers” would need to have different levels of access, some would only need download capability, and others would need download and upload capability.

Am I crazy thinking that I can teach myself how to do this? Is this even possible on Dreamhost? If not, then where would I have to go to do this?

You guys are all amazing and I appreciate so much your help and time!!