Creating FTP Users With Limited Permissions?

I have two .com’s registered with DreamHost, and one hosting account. I want to create an FTP account so my friend can have full access to one of the .coms, but zero access to the other. Is this possible? Right now if he were to login to the FTP he’d see a screen with both of folders for the two .coms. He’s my best friend, but still, I’d like to be able to limit my personal blog .com to me, and me only.

I really hope this is possible with DreamHost, but I’d understand if it isn’t.

Yes it is possible with DreamHost.

Simply go to ‘Manage Domains’ in the panel and click ‘edit’ in the Web Hosting column on the particular domain. You can then change the ‘FTP User’ using the dropdown box.

When this user FTPs to the server, they will only see the sub-directory for that particular domain.


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Ok, but then when he clicks the .com folder, it has nothing in it, because it’s in his own /home/ folder. Which is ok, because then we could just upload everything under his name and use that folder for the .com, and use mine for the other.

I guess that works. Thanks for the solution Mark, appreciate it.

when you switched users, it may not have moved the content from the previoud users. This still gives your friend rights to that domain, and lets him upload it. It’s just that the data didn’t get moved properly between users.

Don’t worry though, if you have user A set for Domain A and user B set for Domain B, then you’ll each only have access to your respective domains.