Creating FTP only users?

I want someone (a non-DH person) to be able to upload files to my account. Is this possible? If so, how do I go about doing it?


Anybody who can upload files to your account and also make a mess of your current files. That said…

Why not give them your FTP password? Actually, I’d recommend you set up a special user for both of you to use.

Beyond that, what do you hope to accomplish? Full FTP access to your site? partial access (i.e. a subdirectory) to your site?


partial access only. Just to a subdir.

I can just create another user?

If you don’t have to share the directory with each other, I recommend this:

If you want to share access to the directory, UNIX doesn’t make this easy. You both definitely can’t FTP to the same directory, but SFTP will let you do this. If this is what you’re after, just ask and I/we can point you in the right direction, as this topic comes up from time to time.


All I want is someone to be able to upload some files to a location on DH so that I can get them later. I don’t really care about the method used, as long as I don’t have to give up my account info.

If you have a suggestion, I am all ears.

yes, create another user, give the username and passowrd to them. You only need to assing a directory if you need others to access the data.
Otherwise only you and him will have access to that special directory. You may need to give directions on how to work his way through the directory structure to his folder. Best if you go through it first then it will be easier to explain. Because at first glance it appears like he can see your entire domain, but in fact, he only has access to the special directory and can not see any of your files.
Remember that to retreive the files he uploaded, you must access the ftp account using the username and password you gave him, because the ftp account you normally use can not see his files.
Hope this helps,

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