Creating another database



I would like to create a second database in, but when I tried to do that from panel I am getting a message saying that “You’re already using “” for a database (or website).”

It seems odd that I can only have one database per address. Have I missed a step?



Are you specifying that you want to create a new hostname at If so, you don’t need to. Just choose your existing hostname in the “Use Hostname:” drop down.

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as lensman said, is your hostname but not your database name.

You went to the right place to create a new database. You can select the same hostname for your new database. Key in a new name for database and it should be straight forward.

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I think I figured out the issue.

My original database was created prior mid-2006.

I found this note in the wiki:
"NOTE: Since about mid-2006 all new databases you create should be on the same MySQL server and thus the hostnames should be inter-changeable so you can access all your databases from a single hostname. Databases you created prior to this time will not necessarily be on the same MySQL server, and may still have their own hostname(s). "

Retrieved from "