Creating an annoucement list

It’s been years since I’ve done this with DH, and I see some things have changed.

According to
Mailing list subscribers must specifically opt-into the list they are subscribed to.

and The user is advised and acknowledges that DreamHost’s electronic mail service equipment is located in California. In no event shall the user use DreamHost’s equipment in violation of California’s anti-spam laws including California Business & Professions Code sections 17538.4 and 17538.45.

However, the Can SPAM Act states:

quote STATE LAW-

(1) IN GENERAL- This Act supersedes any statute, regulation, or rule of a State or political subdivision of a State that expressly regulates the use of electronic mail to send commercial messages, except to the extent that any such statute, regulation, or rule prohibits falsity or deception in any portion of a commercial electronic mail message or information attached thereto.[/quote]
In other words, what the Federal law replaces any state laws.

What I did with DH in the past, was manually enter in people’s email addresses in the web panel. What I want to do now is create an announcement list to input addresses of people with whom I have a current, direct business relationship with. (I’m launching a new front end site for my design company, and want my clients to know about it.)

Do I have to go through an have each of them opt-in, or am I cool with following the federal law?


They must affirmatively confirm a subscription. Also, you can’t just enter their addresses into the panel, even to have a confirmation message sent, if they haven’t specifically requested to be added to your list. The exception to this would be if you got their email address when they signed up for something with you AND specifically agreed to a privacy policy stating that you could send them messages later.

The bits about state law (and federal law as well) are in addition to our spam policy, or - to put it another way - just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s Ok by our spam policy.

I see what you’re saying.

What’s the difference between using the announcement list on DH and using my email client to send via DH mail servers? One just makes it easier for me and provides the receiver the ability to opt-out, but this way is against DH policy. The other is slightly more of a pain for me, doesn’t give the receiver the ability to opt-out, but is ok with DH policy.

No it’s not!

The spam policy applies to all mail sent in conjunction with a domain we host - whether sent through our announcement list system, our mail servers, somewhere else entirely.

Admittedly, we don’t have any way of enforcing the policy proactively in the case of mail sent from your email client through our mail servers (or sent from elsewhere), but if we received a complaint and you didn’t have the information required by our policy, we could potentially take action against your account as per our TOS.

The policy is intended as a safeguard against accidental or malicious subscriptions - and it protects you as much as it protects recipients of email from our systems.

I hate spam. I hate opt-out. Someone sends me a UCE and I didn’t ask for it, that chaps my hide.

I build web sites for a living. I have quite a few people I deal with on a daily basis. All my work, except one client, has come from referrals so I’ve never had a public front end to my site. It has always been used strictly for client services, task manager, image galleries, testing…

Now I am launching a front end to the site. I want to email all my clients and friends about it. However, I would like to use the announcement list because then I can put everyone in the to field rather than bcc, plus I can manage any possible bounces. Basically I’d like to get that list of people out of just the auto-complete in my email client, and somewhere in a manageable list. There are different parts to my site, some will launch down the road (articles section…) and when each part launches, I want to let everyone know.

These are all people who would have no problem getting an email from me related to my business. If I sent these through my email client, I would not be violating the TOS. However, according to your site if I use the announce list I would be violating the TOS - but you say it’s the same? The announce list requires people to have opted-in, whereas me sending emails to someone does not require them to have opted-in. Does that make sense?

I recently lost a client because he refused to implement an opt-out option. It’s not like I’m even trying to be in the grey area. If I sent out emails for the above purposes, after seven years and not a single complaint, would you guys really cut me if someone complained - even by accident?

I don’t know how much more clear I can be about this. Our policy and TOS are the same, no matter where you’re sending the emails from. So I’m not sure why you keep saying this.

That’s not to say that we’re unreasonable, or that we’d shut you down based on a single complaint without giving you a chance to make an explanation… but the policy itself applies either way.

But they are not the same. The spam policy specifically states announcement lists require opt-in. There is no policy which states people I email from my email client, via DH servers, requires the person to have opted-in.

They are the same. The policy is talking about bulk email of any sort. When it says “mailing lists”, it’s referring to any sort of mailing list, whether sent from your palm pilot, your email client, squirrelmail, a third party email marketing system, or our announcement list system.

ok, I got there after clicking on a link from the mailing list info in the kbase…

So then, what is “bulk email?”

So what would be the proper way to do what I’m trying to?

Thanks for your help, and patience.

It wouldn’t be a violation to send messages to already-known friends and clients letting them know about one’s new website or announcement list, would it? Seems like that’s not spam at all. Friends and business associates contact one another all the time with either fun or professional items of interest, and it’s not the same as bulk mailing a bunch of unknown people who may not want to hear from you. So wouldn’t it be OK then to just send friends or clients a pointer to the list sign-up? And anyone who truly wanted the newsletters would certainly go sign up. IMO, opting in really helps avoid a lot of problems down the road.