Creating an admin user


I just used the Dreamhost one click install of Wordpress and the install robot sent me a link but the link goes to a “page not found” message. How long does it take before this link will work and how do I start building my site?

Thanks for helping the newbie


is your domain fresh off the presses? it can take time for DNS servers to update which is beyond DH’s control. that can take anywhere from 5 minutes to several days.

if you are in a hurry, you can create an SSH tunnel and forward port 80. I think this would work, although I haven’t tried. It also violates DH’s TOS if you use that technique to surf the web in general. I assume that if you are using it to view your own site, it may be allowed.

any comments from andrewf or rparker on this?


I’m bringing a site that is 1 1/2 years old over from FatCow to Dreamhost…Not a fan of fatcow. My old business partner used dreamweaver to make the site (he didn’t really know how to do it) but I want to us Wordpress. I hardly know where to start though but it would be easier to start if I could actually get to the admin page.


So… yes? You’ve just set up your domain? Then you’ll need to wait until the DNS changes propagate to your ISP… Or perhaps it’s the same domain? Have you changed the nameservers at the domain registrar to point to Dreamhost? If so, was it recently? Then you may have to wait again for the DNS changes…