Creating a wordpress site for a friend

Hi I want to make a wordpress site for a friend and am not sure to do it on my own Dreamhost account and then change it to her host, or to directly do it in her host.

If i were to make more sites for other people in the future what would be a good way to go about this?

It depends. There are some advantages to having other peoples sites on your account:

easier to access and manage
you can charge people a small fee, and help balance out your own hosting costs


If something goes wrong…they will be calling you and expect you to deal with it
if you have a falling out with someone…you still have their website to deal with…

Some of my regular clients who I know really well I host on my own account. Other people I just set them up with their own account, and use the DreamHost promo to give them a discount on their new account.

Thans a lot Sierracircle that gives me a good insight!