Creating a sub-domain

I run on Dreamhost, and I would like to create a new sub-domain,, for a mobile version (optimized for text).

I can handle the software side of this, but I don’t know how to create a new sub-domain that would resolve to the same document root. Is this something I handle via DNS registry (I register my domain names elsewhere) or is it something that can be handled directly on Dreamhost, even though my DNS is registered elsewhere? Can somebody advise? Thanks.

– Levi Asher
– LitKicks

If you are hosting your domain on Dreamhost, I believe you have added the domain to your hosting plan no matter where you register the domain name.

If you want to create a sub-domain, simple go to DH panel --> Manage Domains --> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain

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If you Mirror, will deliver the contents of, but show in the address bar.