Creating a Sub-Domain


With a DreamHost hosted domain, is it possible to create a subdomain (ex., and point it to a directory (ex.,

I know enough that I need to create a CNAME record in the DNS section, but I’m not sure what to use as its value.

Thank you!


Why do you need to point it at a subdirectory?

By default, a subdomain would be mapped to “/user/yourusername/”. You could map it to a subdirectory of an existing domain’s directory or you could simply redirect it to a subsection of your primary domain. There would be duplicate content if you did the former with various SEO implications.

Also, what kind of content do you have at that location? If it’s a webapp like WordPress, there are some additional complications because links will be dynamically generated to the domain and location that WordPress is configured to.

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You know what? I was confused. I didn’t realize you can create a sub-domain through the “Manage Domains” section.

Thanks for clearing that up!


I’m happy you figured it out! There’s a lot to learn when you’re first getting started or if you’re coming from CPanel. Or it can just be the end of a long day! :slight_smile:

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so, if i go to the manage domains panel for, is this what i do…

domain to host:
FTP user (stays as kayakityak)
Specify your web defaults to: /…/…/aquaholic.kayakityak/ (and i stay with the default)

and the domain becomes

and i do not have to register “aquaholic” as a domain name?

hmmm, if that is correct, it almost seems too easy. but, i’ll take it! :smiley:

thanks in advance for your help.



Yup, under the assumption that is your domain. :slight_smile:

I figure this is a typo and you meant to type /…/…/

Depending on your web hosting settings, you’ll serve and/or

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thanks, that is super cool.

lol, yes, is my domain, and that would be a relevant detail.

and no, it was not a typo. when i went through the steps of adding the subdomain i typed in aquaholic.kayakityak … without adding .com. so the default web directory was /…/…/aquaholic.kayakityak.

i just did another dummy (no pun intended) run using as the sub.domain to host, i see that the default directory becomes .com as well. duh! good thing i asked. :slight_smile:

thanks again for your help.