Creating a secure directory for ftp uploads

Hi all,

I’d like to use excess storage space in my account to do a periodic backup by ftp. I’ll compress and encrypt the file, but also want to make sure the directory I create is as secure as possible.

Can anyone give me any tips on how to do this?

If you just make your directory behind the web-accessable area, then it’s pretty hard to access it would out your FTP password.


OK - can you explain what you mean by behind the web accessible area? Does that mean not in a direct subdirectory of the root?

Your web accessable area would be the directory. Any folder you put in there, people can access from your website. But as long as it’s in your home directory (same as behind the web-accesable area), or sub-direcotires there of it should be safe. (your home direcoty is hte one with maildir, logs, folders in it.)


OK, understand- thanks very much

You can also use an FTP client that support “SFTP” to make sure the transfer is encrypted.

Thanks for the tip - I didn’t realize DH supported sftp.