Creating a second wordpress blog on one hosting account

I haven’t run a website in about 10 years so I’m having to relearn everything.
I have a hosting account here and I got two domains with it. A .com and a .co.
I “one click installed” Wordpress and began working on the site I wanted to create. I would also like to set up a blog on the other domain just so I can screw around with it.
I’m assuming that is allowed under one hosting account. I’m just not sure how to go about it. Right now I’ve got about 4 folders and a few files on my server space. Should a make a new Folder and put my separate blog in that folder? Can I install wordpress in that new folder?
Do I just go to “Manage Domains” and click “add Hosting” and then the folders and space etc are created automatically?

yes add the second domain or sub-domain on manage domains, then you can go to one clicks and it will appear in the drop-down so that you can install wordpress again.

Depending on what you are doing you may or may not want to use the same “user”. Security wise creating the second user is better, but if the second site is just for test purposes and you want to move files between the two sites then the same user makes that easier as your skills advance.