Creating a second account


I’m helping a friend transfer a web site to his existing account on DH. His site is live and he wants minimum, if any, downtime in the transfer. So his domain will remain pointed to his current host while I set up his new account. What I want to know is the following:

  1. Can I create a new web site area in his existing account -without- linking it to his domain name at the outset? I don’t know the DH process but I want to set the site up, test it then point the domain to it when everything’s OK.

  2. Can I set up the email accounts without first pointing the domain to the sub-account? Or how else do I achieve this?


The site is currently on a different account at dreamhost or his account at dreamhost already exists, but the site is currently hosted elsewhere?

These links might help: and

This is very useful. Thanks.