Creating a new WP website from old website

Hi there
I am in the process of creating a new website for a client who already has a website (not Wordpress: html, hosted elsewhere). The idea is to create the website with new hosting (using Dreamhost) and installing Wordpress for the domain, as a one click install.

Is there some way I can create the website without changing the existing nameservers and possibly using a staging URL until I am ready with the new website? The client does not want any down time on his existing website while I create the new website.

There must be an easy way, without going down the track of a completely new domain name, then copy>transfer files over. Thanks for your help.


How about content migration here please? Would there also be a one click process or something similar?

Not really since you’re moving non-WordPress into WordPress. There are plugins to help you import, but that’s really the best we can do by content.

You CAN use a one-click to install WordPress here, though.

I would add the domain to our servers (don’t worry about the fact that the domain isn’t hosted here), then make a alias point to the domain and install WordPress there via our one click.