Creating a new MySQL database

Username “sdggsf567fdbgrt” is already taken by another DreamHost customer!

Ok. I thought at first my name was not unique enough, but there surly must be something wrong here. I tried about 20 different names and they are all “taken”.

User names and all do have to be unique for the machine you’re hosted on, but I doubt that such randomness was taken by other people. You should probably put a ticket into support and ask them to clear up the issue for you.


It was fixed prompto! No Problems. About 15 mins after my ticket was sent :slight_smile: Great stuff!

This was the reply i got:
We were having a problem with the central database which was resulting in errors from the panel that shouldn’t have occured. This should now be resolved but let us know if you are still habing trouble. I apologize for the inconvenience.