Creating a Mock Website for Testing

Hello, sorry I’m a bit of a Newbie. I have a had a Website hosting through dream host for 4 years now. I run a small business using a wordpress site. I decided I wanted to update the website myself and get to know wordpress, much better. I set up a server on my desktop copied my wordpress site over using Duplicator. I found this great plugin called visual composer and used that to make a much slicker webpage. That way I would have time to tweak things. I would like to keep my old site up upload the new site and share the new site with some business partners and friends to get advice on how well it runs over a variety of platforms. What’s the best way to go about doing this? Should I buy a new domain to use temporarily ? Thanks.

You don’t need a new domain or additional account to have a test site. Just put the entire file hierarchy in a dedicated directory that you noindex so the search engines don’t get it.

An alternative to a sub-directory (which can be tricky to reconfigure in WP), is a sub-domain or a (note the “-ers”) sub-domain.

For example, if you own, you can setup and put your new site there for testing. You can setup any number of sub-domains on your domain for free. To add the sub-domain, click the “Add Hosting to Domain/Sub-Domain” button on the Manage Domain page of the Panel and enter in Domain to Host. The sub-domain’s files can be hosted under an existing user, or you could create a new user account just for testing.

Dreamhost also lets you add sub-domains on their domain. The sub-domain has to have a unique name across DreamHost, so you might have to choose a sub-domain like A sub-domain is most useful if you haven’t yet decided on a domain to register, but want to start testing on a “scratch” sub-domain site.


ok, I created a sub domain since that seems the easiest: but I still can’t get it to connect to Filezilla this is my error message:

Status:	Resolving address of
Status:	Connecting to
Error:	Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:	Could not connect to server

I have checked and double check the user name and everything. and it’s suppose to be port 21 right?

Shouldn’t the address be nolatour guy .com?

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No, it’s not supposed to be port 21. Port 21 is for plain FTP and you (nobody) should use plain FTP. You need to double-check the domain name as @habilis points out and use SFTP (the encrypted version of FTP). Also, make sure you’re using the correct username because DreamHost by default creates a new user for a new (sub)domain.

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