Creating a FTP user

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I wanted to ask how will I go about making a FTP user with limited privlidges?

Basically I have a folder called “newsarchive” where all images pertaining to news from around the world are uploaded daily which appear on the site.

Uptill now I am the only one who has been doing all the updating. But now I am thinking of appointing one of the moderators of my forum to the task. So basically I just want to grant him access to this one folder which is located in the root of my domain like so:


How can I make it so that he can ONLY access the newsarchive folder, upload/delete/create folders inside it/ change file settings for the content in it and no other folder?

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You can’t, but you can remap the subdirectory to somewhere another place that another user has access to.

Oki Doki

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: