Creating a fan page for a video game, is this a violation of (tos/unlimited)policy?

i’m planning on creating a fan page for starcraft 2 where users in a community forum can upload their replays of a particular video game (each file is less than 100 kb). is this by any chance going to cause any problems?

Are you referring TOS or server performance?

I don’t think it breaks any TOS.

If you are talking about server performance, it depends on the number of visits of your forum. It will be fine when you have a small number of visits at the beginning. However, the shared server will not be able to handle it when it grows because the resources are shared. By then, you should consider to switch to VPS to have independent resources for your forum. When VPS is not good enough for you, it is time for you to switch to dedicated server.

Hope this helps a bit.

okay, thank you! ill just switch to a dedicated server if the website gets too big.

I don’t think there would be any problem in creating a fan page for Games.

I think Dreamhost will welcome you to host your Fan page. Their is nothing against TOS.