Creating a directory - dreamweaver

Hi Everyone,

I have just created a site using Flash. I know very little about
HTML or uploading sites, so please bear with me.
All I want to learn how to do is to create a separate directory
to hold some of my video files. So right now the only
thing I have is:

And I would like to add:

I am confused about how to create this directory.
Under “Domains” I see "Re-Map Sub Directories"
and Under “Manage Domains” I see "Add New Domain/Sub-Domain"
but under this window there is this huge line:

Web Directory: /home/username/{BLANK SPACE}/
Logs Directory: /home/username/logs/

So how do I create this directory? Do I just enter “video” in
the blank space?

Also, once my directory has been created I assume the only thing
I have to do is change my upload folder from
to - right?

I am using the newest version of Dreamweaver.

Okay, thanks in advance for any advice.


Dreamweaver has an FTP client built into it that allows you to upload files. Once connected, you can create a new directory in your site directory just as you would if you were creating a new folder in Windows Explorer.

Alternatively, you can create the folder in Explorer, and then have Dreamweaver upload (PUT) the folder onto the site for you. Either way, it will achieve the same result.

Simon Jessey
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