Creating a Billboard

I would like my site to be a simple billboard where people sign in via social media accounts and comment on the website’s single topic.

And I would like the site to pick up and display mentions of the topic as in hashtags.

The layout is simple, just a scroll of whatever is posted with no editing, however if it is possible to create an automated keyword and date based archive that would be a bonus.

I have the domain, a twitter account with the domain, and a domain@gmail account. I did not create a Facebook page. However, I would like all social media to be represented as a way to sign in via computer or mobile and post. No character limit unless you are using twitter.

I looked at phpBB, but I do not want to create a discussion forum. The concept is more like a vertical news crawl that displays comments directly sent via social media from mobiles or desktops.

Can someone please point me in a DIY direction if it can be done with a string of plugins or something, or direct me to the kind of person I need to find to do it?

Thank you.

ScribbleLive is the closest commercial product I can find, but quite expensive.

Have you looked at StatusNet? It is sort of an open-source twitter-clone that you could base your site on.

Software main page:

In action:

will do, thank you

artgeek, the site you linked to ( is not running! It’s running Vanilla Forum, which is just a piece of forum software, similar to phpBB.

An actual install of looks like this:

It’s basically a private Twitter clone. Which is interesting, for sure, but probably not what mfbull is looking for, since it would require users to sign up specifically for that site.

Perhaps you can try Disqus, I have added this on my site.

I was just in the panel and it had a teaser to look for a StatusNet One-Click install, with a reference to that petstatus site.

StatusNet is not available for One-Click here, which is probably just as well because while it sounds like a great app it’s really half-baked FOSS, and at this point it’s fairly dead. RIP StatusNet, ya coulda been a contendah…