Create test site?

I want a test site to use when trying out design changes for meee ole blog. In my Manage Domains I see these cuties: - - fully hosted
my - - mirror site

can I add another blog that doesn’t mess with these two above AT ALL.
I just want to add another blog and type in some dummy data and add a few widgets so I can test out layouts and stuff. Then I will know what to do back on my live blog.

Please tell me how to do this. In Laymens terms please. Because I am…not smart. I need to be told how to do it instead of what I need to do. Seems like all the instructions I’ve read so far over on WP, here, and other places, are perfect for IT people but not for someone like myself who has never heard of a lot of terms and much less, where to go to find them. ( oh the tragedy!)

I’m a beginner and need just a simple thing of adding another site.

Just like before:
Create a fully hosted
Create a mirror that points to

Now go to One-Click installs and do a Custom install of WordPress to
When you get the email from the install robot, just pretend it says and keep pretending that until you’re ready to go live as

If you have no intention of this installation ever showing up at, skip the mirroring and just create a Fully Hosted and do the One-Click install there. It’ll be a bit easier that way.

I use subdomains personally. “”, for example. Make sure you set up dummy database(s) to go along with it. You have virtually unlimited subdomains here, and by simple pointing them to a new “fully hosted” file directory you should do just fine.

thanks - are there simple step by step directions on how to set up a subdomain and then set up a dummy database? I have no idea what his means. I’m new to WP, can you tell?