Create SQL

I was just trying to install this on my domain.
What do I need to do if I want to create a MySQL database?
What entry do I need to put under: SQL database

Can anyone please guide me to complete the setup?

Yes, I had checked that earlier. Then created from my control panel. The bmp file that is uploaded is actually from the site whose link that I provided above (Link again). But I am confused with what needs to be entered in the SQL Database section? Can I please get an example like providing sample name while creating a My SQL data base from the cpanel and then what and how it is entered in the setup.php of the link mentioned?

Any one must have installed phpbb
Now here’s my question in detail:
I have a website:
I create a sub domain:
Next I want to create a MySQL Database. I want a explanation on how to do it on DH.
I want to create a forum in
I am in Goodies > MySql in the control panel
DB name:_______
DB Hostname:_____ . ??? .com (whether or
DB Username:______
DB Password: ******
Repeat PW: ******

Next after creating, what do I enter while installing phpbb?
Database Configuration:

Database Server Hostname / DSN:________
Your Database Name:__________
Database Username:__________
Database Password:******
Prefix for tables in database:phpbb_ ??

Admin Configuration:
Script path:/___

Can I please get some example?


Can I please get some help from those who implemented phpbb?

If you’re just using the one-click install oh PHPBB you should have gotten an E-mail after it was set up with the instructions of exactly what to fill into thoes fields.

The database stuff you fill in is exactly what you typed in when you created the database in the panel. just make sure you use the host name, database name and user/pass for the database in question. If you need to get into phpmyadmin, then just access it via the host name you created - in a internet browser.