Create project

i’m trying to create a new project as i like to associate second floating IP with another project. how?


I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do. By project do you mean the tenant (the thing that contains all your DreamCompute stuff for your account) or another instance or something else? Floating ips will need to be used in the tenant that they were provisioned in.

i used the term project as that’s how your dashboard shows it. Identity -> Projects
in reality it’s a tenant.

Right now we link a DreamCompute tenant/project to a DreamHost account so creating a second tenant would mean creating a second DreamHost account.

That being said, I’m not clear on what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to move a specific IP address to another tenant/project? If so, I’m not sure that’s something we can do since the IP addresses are allocated from a pool and manually moving it to another tenant would require more manual finagling than I’m comfortable with.

OK, let’s say I have 2 floating IP’s. I want to assign them to two public endpoints. to keep them independent don’t they have to be two tenants? if not, i need to readup on definition of tenant.


I think there is a confusion of terms here. Let me define a few:

Instance/VM - A virtual computer resource.
Tenant/Project - The organizing structure for DreamCompute resources. You can think of it as a container for all the instances and other resources.

Instances can be assigned a floating IP so that it can be reached publicly via IPv4. If you’d like another IPv4 address, you’ll need to allocate another to your project. If you’re not on a plan that provides more than one, you’ll have to purchase an additional one through the DreamHost control panel -

To allocate a new IP to your project, you go to the Floating IPs tab of the Access & Security page - and allocate a new one to your project. It will then be available to assign to a new instance.

Thanks for definition. I was equating a tenant in this environment to a VPC in AWS. I believe it still holds but what you’re saying is I can have one tenant per account!


  1. If I have two IP’s would they both come through same Public Network and Router?
  2. How do I then split them off and send it two separate private networks.


It sounds like the way DreamCompute works is a bit different than what you’re used to. Every customer gets a private network with a router. All new instances get a private IPv4 address and a publicly addressable IPv6 address. If you’d like one of those instances to have a public IPv4 address, you assign it a “floating IP” (that’s an OpenStack term).

You also have the ability to create security groups, which are essentially instance-level firewall rules. The default rules allow all traffic between machines on the private network and external traffic for SSH, HTTP/S, and ping.

If you wanted a second IPv4 address, it would need to be assigned to a second virtual machine. All traffic would be routed through your router to that particular instance.

As for having two separate networks, right now we aren’t providing that option. Each customer gets one private network and one router. We understand that doesn’t work for everyone, so we’re working on removing that limitation and should have more news on that later this year.