Create mail folders


I created an email address for my wife so she can file emails on her iPad. I found a button labeled “New Mailbox” in Apple Mail, but when she taps it and types a name, she gets an error message saying “Unable to Create Mailbox - The mailbox couldn’t be created on the server.” What am I doing wrong? Do I have to create folders for her on my Dreamhost control panel? How?


On the IPad go to Settings -> Mail, Contact, and calenders -> add account -> Other

Pick IMAP if you get a choice for POP3/IMAP…

For the hostname use

for the username use the FULL email address.

Even tho it may claim on the IPAD that feilds outgoing smtp server settinsg are optional, they are not, you have to set it up. use the same hostname, full email for user name and password.

If you leave SSL off you will get it working faster, but if you want a secure connection to the server the incoming port you need is 993 and the outgoing port is 587

Also once you can send and receive mail, it’s helpful to go back into “advanced” in the settings and set the Drafts Mailbox, Sent Mailbox, an Deleted Mailbox to the appropriate server folders.
hmm someone has made a nice wiki page for this too. It’s shown as iPhone, but iPad is the same: