Create FTP Anonymous


I purchase today one static ip for create Anonymous FTP. I haved this message:

[quote]Anonymous FTP service has been added to!

Anyone can log in to your Anonymous FTP server by connecting to and using the username anonymous with no password.

Uploaded files will be owned by the user ftp13908888, but you’ll still be able to copy them out of the incoming directory and delete them.

It will take 5-10 minutes before your new service works as we reconfigure the FTP server. You will receive an email when it’s ready!

By default we have set up the main directory to be download-only and created a sub-directory “incoming” that allows uploads. You may add more directories with different permissions by clicking the “edit” link below.

The Happy DreamHost Anonymously FTP-ing Robot![/quote]

I don’t have confirmation e-mail.

Thanks for your help.

Hi there!

I looked into your account, and it looks like indeed, no confirmation email was sent. This looks to be a bug in our system, and I’m going to have it looked into. I can confirm that your Anonymous FTP user is active though! I’m also going to see if I can get a hold of that notification email and send it to you if I can. Thanks so much for letting us know!

Thanks for reply.

You says my ftp anonymous is activated. I need store files in differents folders and share this in URL, for example:
It’s possible? It’s not explained in DH Wiki.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, i’m trying configurate anonymous FTP after 08-15, five days and i can’t use FTP for share files in URL, for example: I purchased a static ip for that… It’s possible? Thanks for your help.