Create email account via web form

Does anyone know where I might start to make a script capable of this?

Or, as I’m sure it’s been done by somebody by now, does anyone already have a similar script?

An email account through DH? No script that I know of has been created cause DH, to the best of my knowledge, does not have an API for adding email access that we can access through any scripting language.

Currently the only way to add a mailbox or email address is to use the forms in the Control Panel on the DreamHost secure server.

Thus one would need to use an HTTP protocol library to develop a client capable of connecting to a secure server, handling cookies, and interpeting HTML for detecting error messages. In other words the same thing a web browser does when adding the e-mail address manually.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

on the other hand, is it possible to install cpanel on dreamhost?

is it possible to install cpanel on dreamhost?

No. Cpanel isn’t just some web application you can install anywhere. It requires a new server with a very specific configuration, root access, and takes complete control over how pretty much everything on the system is managed.

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