Create Child Theme - Twenty Eleven


Hi. After a full day and no success, I’m posting a question.
I’m trying to create a child theme for Twenty Eleven.
I found some helpful guides online, but still missing a piece.
How do I enter the FTP libraries and files, in order to add a theme named “Twenty Eleven - Child”?
From there I can modify myself.

Would appreciate any helpful advice :slight_smile:




i’m having the same problem… i can see where to view a list of my directories (where all the websites tell you to add a new directory) but i cant see how to add a new one…


hey hey, i just got a response back from the tech guys about this problem and you can get all the info about how to do all this here - it requires an external ftp client or if you’re using firefox (as i am) you can download an add-on that makes it really simple, but you can read all about it on the wiki… :slight_smile: