Create admin user link

I am very new at this and don’t understand a lot of the jargon yet so please excuse me if I write things that may not make perfect sense.

I am just setting up my website. Last year I bought and parked a domain name with Crazy Domains. A week ago, I signed up with Dreamhost and was sent a link to register as an admin user. That link just takes me to the crazy domain site where it says my name is parked. I called Crazy Domains to ask about this problem and they said I need to contact Dreamhost to transfer (?) the name server so the link would work properly. I don’t understand any of that!

Could someone please help me with fixing this problem so I can move forward.

Thank you,


If the registration for your domain is currently through Crazy Domains, and you want to point that domain to DreamHost, that’s a change you would need to make through their site. The domain isn’t under our control, so we can’t make changes to it.

Specifically, you could transfer the domain name to dreamhost. However, it much simpler just to grant dreamhost control – to do that log in at crazy domains and set the nameservers for the domain to

It takes 12-24 hours for that change to get spread around to nameservers everywhere, so after you make the change don’t expect instant joy.

Thank you for your help. I think I have now done that and will wait and see. I had two domain names, one with and the other just .com.
It worked on the but not the .com. I have sent them an email as I assume it is their problem (again!)?

Ensure that you have “Added Hosting” for both domains here, too. (Same hosting account, don’t need 2).