Create a subdomain?

I’m trying to create a subdomain, but I get an error.
At the DH Control Panel Manage Domains page, I enter, then I get the message:
Uh oh! Please fix the 1 error below:
Domain to host:
Can’t add domain: we set this sub-domain up automatically for you.

How do I add a subdomain the right way? For example, to be pointed to

You’re probably trying to add a subdomain like or Those sub-domains are already set up for you becuase they’re reserved for certin services - mail is for checking your E-mail from outlook or Tunderbird, webmail is obvious.

If you’re wanting your own install of a webmail program to be aviable at it might be possible to remove that service so you can use that subdomain, but the easiest thing would be to simply choose a different name.

–Matttail - personal website

Subdomains don’t work that way on DH; subdomains directories are completely separate from the main domain’s directoy (e.g. is separate from You can remap subdirectories to produce a similar effect to what you described, although it’s not the same thing.

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I’m thinking that you’re trying to add a subdomain for a domain that doesn’t exist at DreamHost. You need to add the domain first.

Of course that only works if you control that domain’s DNS, either at DreamHost, or somewhere else.


You are right, I was using, using solved the problem. :slight_smile:

It’s possible to set up a redirected subdomain that goes to a URL within a different domain (either one hosted in your account or elsewhere).

– Dan