Create a Shopping Cart

I sometimes register multiple domains. The big problem is that, unless I pre-pay and amount into my account, I have to make a payment each time I register a new domain. It would be far more user friendly if there was a shopping cart facility where you could simply add a domain to your shopping cart and register another and then make one payment for the exact amount. The pre-pay way is a real pain because you never really know what the exact amount will be unless you first check all prices.

+1 The pre-pay requirement for purchasing products within an account is annoying and anti-customer.

This would be amazing. Buying multiple domains takes way longer than it should and it a total hassle.

I find the best way to do this is to way overpay on my account that way I don’t have to enter payment details when purchasing domains.

When it’s the only way, labeling it the “best way” is like calling Earth’s moon our “best moon” :wink: