Create a second website

Hi guys!
I am about to experiment with creating a wordpress website. I need advice on how best to do this; articles, etc.

Right now my current website at works great. I don’t want to disturb this while I play. Long term I’d like to be able to switch from my current website to my new wp website or back again as needed until I’m happy with my new site. Then I would remove my current site.

Also, what would be the best way to go about building the new wordpress site:
Install wp on my local computer and build it there and then move it to Dreamhost?

So, I don’t even know where to begin. Create a sub-domain? How? I would create a new database and not reuse the current one.

Any help or help articles anyone can suggest would be be greatly appreciated.


I would suggest you navigate to “Manage Domains” in the panel and add a new subdomain called something like “” (or whatever sub domain name you like). You can accept most of the defaults there except the first two… For “Do you want the www in your URL?” my preference there is to change it to “remove WWW”… just don’t set it to “leave it alone” that setting leads to confusion. The second thing you will want to change is the “Run this domain under the user:” drop-down. Make that say “Create a new user” and then in the box that appears supply a new user name. (this helps keep your experiment in an entirely separate space from your current site.)

Step 2: WAIT. Wait until you can visit (or whatever you named it above) and see the default “dreamhost coming soon” page. If you don’t wait, what will probably happan in the next step is you will get emailed a link that doesn’t work yet, and that will confuse you.)

Step 3: visit the one-click install section of the panel. and install wordress. Again you can accept the defaults for everything, the only thing you need to make sure you get right is the dropdown for where you want it installed, which will show both and as well as any other domains on your account. (hint: you can leave the box after the / blank).

Now you will have a separate wordpress development site. When you are ready to move that site to your main site come back and ask if you don’t yet know how to do that.

Good luck! Anymore wordpress is pretty cool, and it’s pretty easy to install for anyone now.
PS— The “wait” in step 2 might be just a few minutes, but could be 12-24 hours. (DNS Propagation)

Thanks so much for the quick response! I am trying it now! Thanks again!