Create a "parking page" while I develop site?

Hello all,

Can I create any kind of “parking page” that will be displayed to visitors to my new site, while I actually build the site (WP/Studiopress) “in the background?”

I have a lot to do to create my site, but I want to roll out a finished site and not have every little change I make along the way go live piece by piece.


Just create a static index.html page which will load when someone visits If you want to view the php site, go to When done, just remove the index.html file. It’s not the most secure method, but it is the simplest to set up and won’t interfere with your site building. If you need a more secure method, let me know.

Hm, thanks SeanTheGeek, but . . . . . what I want is to merrily build my site within WordPress AND be able to see what I’m doing along the way. All the while, visitors get the static index.html page I just created. See, visiting the index.php just gets me the same as my index.html page and doesn’t seem to show me the work I’ve done on my WP site. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

There’s a plugin that supposedly does this: