Create a new account and transfer files?

if i was to create a new account, then upload a copy of all the files in my old account, would i have a copy of my old site? im mainly wondering if my photo galleries will be transfered. if not the user accounts, will it at least galleries and links be copied?

in other words, this is what i am trying to do…

  1. zip up all the folders in my current account
  2. download the zip
  3. create new account
  4. install photo gallery
  5. upload zip file to new account
  6. unzip, replacing all folders in the new account with folders from the zip, creating an exact copy of my previous account

It seems you miss something.

backup the database associated with your currernt photo galleries.

transfer the databasee to your new photo galleries.

Any other suggestions?

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thanks for the help, i think it will be easier just to upload all the pictures again in a new account

Then it should be ok. At least, I don’t see any problems.

If you are not sure, I’ll suggest you to create a free sub-domain and try it out. If it is working, you can transfer files to the real one.


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