Create a MySQL database

I created a new MySQL database and have been waiting for several hours to access it. I understand that the MySQL dbhostname subdomain needs to be propogated but at the same time I created the db I also created a subdomain for a Coppermine gallery. The Coppermine subdomain has been propogated and I can access that page, however the MySQL subdomain has not.

My understanding is that the subdomain for the MySQL server is created as part of the db creation. Now, after waiting for several hours I am wondering if there is more that I am to do to set this up. Do I need to go to the domain admin panel and add this subdomain? If so what do I point it at? Is there anyway I can confirm that this subdomain has really been created?


Once you’ve gone into Goodies->Mysql and created the db, it’s just a case of waiting. All sub-domains etc should get set up automatically.

Thanks! I just wanted to make sure the delay wasn’t a result of an oversight on my part.