Create a Duplicate copy of domain

What is the easiest way on Dreamhost to create an exact copy of an existing domain, ie; is a duplicate copy of

I have already set the database up on the dev site, but i need to move the files into it. Ftp and download hundreds of files and structure or is there a simple way to copy all folders and put them in there, with overwrite? otherwise ftp will take hours.

Then I started thinking maybe there is some way to just click a button and get a duplicate copy of the entire domain.


log into a shell prompt

$ cp -R

assuming the dev. site is using the same user on the server.

Thank assuming there is already some stuff in the site, will it just overwrite the files there?

yes… but it will also leave extras

$ rm -rf

first if you want to make sure it’s clean… be careful with rm -rf it’s powerful =]