Create a Directory

I have an index.html file I have uploaded to my site, but it is not a directory. How do I change this file into a directory? I would then put several subdirectories under the directory with links to them on the directory. As I understand it, I should end up with the directory on one level and subdirectories and index.html file and accompanying image file on the next level down. Right now all I have is the index.html file (and image file) appearing on my site


As far as I know it, you have to move it back to your computer then create a directory on your site then copy it BACK to the site and into the new directory. Use WS_FTP or Windows XP for moving files.

I don’t think you can move from one place to another directly on your site … it’s two steps (four in your case). Move back to computer, make directory on site, change to the new directory on site, move file back into that directory.


Aardy, thanks for the detailed reply.

Two things: First, I am using Mac OSX. Second, I am using net2FTP which allows you to move items around on your site (you can even edit them on site).

I am using the rudimentary Netscape Composer to create my site. I made a “page” (there is no choice as to what kind of page) and it came out as an index.html. How does one make a directory (in general)?


What do you mean by “Make a directory?” A file is not a directory. if you REMOVE the file you’ll see the directory, but it won’t look like net2ftp.

There’s a “New dir” button on net2ftp/webftp (as offered through the DH control panel). Is that what you’re asking about?


Wholly, thanks for the reply.

You can see what I want and what I have here:
Click on the URL and you get two directories: Gordon’s Travels and Miscellaneous Pixtures.

If you click on Gordon"s Travels, you get an index page complete with layout, text, image and nine links. From Gordon’s Travels if you drop down to the next level, you have seven subdirectories plus an image file and an index.html file. This is the way it is supposed to be.

Now if you click on Miscellaneous Pictures (created with that New dr button in net2FTP) you do not get a page with layout, text, image and links. What you get is the next level down is an image file and an index.html file. If you click on that index.html file you get the page I want, but it is not a directory, only a file.

My question is how do I make the second sequence like the first one?


PS: Gordon"s Travels was created some time back with an in-house FTP at another site with a different host. The creation went fairly smoothly, but I do not recall how.

That’s because there is no index.html file in that directory. The file is actually named Miscellaneous Picturesindex.html, if you rename it to index.html that should resolve the problem (although the page itself looks ‘broken’).


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It is easy when you know what you are doing. My directory is a real directory now. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I think you are right about the page Miscelaneous Pictures being broken. I know nothing of examining the page to check for health. I do however know that while access to the site with net2FTP is still normal, I can no longer connect to with CuteFTP, JAlbum or Netscape Composer. I get the following error message trying to upload with JAlbum: Permission denied

Thanks again for getting me a big step closer.


It is strange for the log-in to suddenly fail if you haven’t made any changes to the client configuration on your end.

It might just be a ‘glitch’ in the system and it could ‘fix itself’. If it persists, re-check your log-in details in the client configuration and if that looks OK, lodge a support request via the panel.


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I did contact DreamHost, and they were able to help me. The problem was that I was using as my server insead of No more connection problems. Thanks again for your help.


I am glad to hear that you have it working now. :slight_smile:

This whole web hosting business can be a little daunting at first, it is easy to become frustrated when things don’t work as expected. Thankfully, it does become easier as you progress and learn how everything fits together.

No problem, you are more than welcome. :slight_smile:

Good luck.


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I’d recommend becoming accustomed to using the terminal. You can ssh into your server and do a lot, very quickly. Just use “ssh USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM” (e.g., “ssh”). From there, you can modify the files in all kinds of ways and it is secure.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.