Create a database (newbie)

Hi! i’m a newbie (of course!!) i have a domain on dreamhost and i started a hosted plan; i want to install indexhibit, but i read that i have to find the root directory ( the problem is that when i connect with filezilla on my server in the ‘‘myuser’’ directory i find only 2 folders: logs, and Maildir but not ‘‘’’ directory; i have created a MySQL database , but obviously i did something wrong! Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help me.


Did you add the domain to your hosting plan? On you DH control panel go to Manage Domains and add the domain to be fully hosted. Be sure to pick the proper user to run the domain under as well. Also its possible that you are not logged in under the correct user if you had already made the domain fully hosted. It would show who the user is when you go to Manage Domains.