Crazy Domain Insane -> Happy Hosting


I’ve been a DreamHost member since 9/28/06, and I initially signed up for the “Crazy Domain Insane”, I haven’t really been keeping up with the changes at DreamHost but after visiting I saw a promotion for 500GB of storage, I checked my storage stats and I am only at ~270GB. So I researched this further in the WebPanel, and I noticed that I could change my account from “Crazy Domain Insane” to the “Happy Hosting” plan with one click of a check box, it also says (We now offer just one simple plan!), so is that it… no more tiered WebHosting plans, just this one single plan?
Also what are the pros/cons of switching from my current plan “Crazy Domain Insane” to the “Happy Hosting” plan?
Are there any features that will get added/removed?
Also will the 2GB per mth I’ve accumulated follow me if I switch plans? for example lets say I’ve been a member for 12 mths, thats 24GB, if I switch to the “Happy Hosting” plan will I get the 500GB plus the 24GB I’ve accumulated (524GB)?

p.s. I am currently paying $119.40 per yr with my current plan. Will this go up/down?



Price is the same

the cons are for Level3 hosting, if they use phone support, unique ip, etc etc… it may cost more.

But for L1 i don’t see any cons.

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So is “Crazy Domain Insane” (my current plan) L1 or L3? How can I find out?


was L1

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Ok Thanks, so I shouldn’t see any difference in price and I’ll keep the existing features I have?
Also will I be upgraded to 500GB?
And what about this question:

Thanks for your help moua :slight_smile:


If you’re currently on an annual renewal, there is very little difference between the plans since they are both $9.95 a month. Under your old Crazy Domain Insane plan, we’re all supposed to eventually get double our current disk space allocation which will pretty much bring us up to the level of the Happy Hosting plan.

It seems to me that once difference between the plans is the under the new plans, there are more ala carte choices and that you pre-pay annually (or whatever your renewal period is) for these choices. The upside to this is that the prepayment discount applies to these ala carte choices.

Now if you were on an old two-year prepayment plan, then you’d have some incentive to stay with your old plan because it was a little cheaper than the current two-year prepayment option ($7.95 vs. $8.95).

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And when is this going to happen? Because like I said in my original post I am only seeing ~270GB storage. :frowning:

This brings up an interesting point, am I able to renew my current plan (Crazy Domain Insane) for 2yrs at the $7.95 price even thou all they offer now is Happy Hosting?


No one has posted a firm date on this. I think everyone’s been hoping that now that the Spacey cluster has been moved that dreamhost will have the room for some upgrades that will allow them to accelerate the addition of things like storage that will allow them to initiate this change. I suspect that a lot of clusters are currently running too close to full for them to feel entirely comfortable with going forward with this right now. This is all pure speculation on my part. BTW, my disk allocation hasn’t been upgraded either.

I don’t think so because what support told me was that as long as I let the auto-renewal process go forward, I’d keep my rate. I think any change, including changing the prepayment, would trigger a plan change which would force you into the new plan. I think the way you change your prepayment is to “edit” your plan, but now when you click to “edit” your plan, you can only change into the new Happy Hosting plan which has the $8.95 2-year rate.

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So then I should stay with my current plan (Crazy Domain Insane) because once they finally double my storage I should get 540GB (270 x2), which will be better then changing to the Happy Hosting which will only leave me with 500GB…

Also no one has been able to answer:

But even if I did switch I would only have roughly ~524GB, while if I wait and stay with my current plan I will have ~540GB (as mentioned above)… Not to mention the fact that each month that goes by BEFORE they double my storage I am accumulating 2GB, which will translate to 4GB when they double it :smiley:

so there is a CON to switching accounts. :wink:
I’ll probably never use even close to 540GB but every little bit helps me sleep better at night knowing I have all that extra storage space :-p


To muddy the water, I think you actually will keep the “extra” disk space when you switch plans. Think about the folks like rlparker who’ve been here for all 10 years. Their “extra” disk space is actually greater than the base amount of even the Happy Hosting plan.

Also, I don’t think they’ve made clear whether they’re doubling your total amount or just your original base amount. I couldn’t figure out exactly what happened when they doubled bandwidth.

Anyway, since you’re on the 1-year renewal, I don’t think the disk space is a real argument either way. I think it’s a wash for you either way but changing to a new plan with a longer term to get more of a discount is the only argument I could see for changing your plan.

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Well, that’s the theory, at least! :wink:

My plan has been through so many changes (I have never “changed plans”, but the original “Code Monster” plan has changed repeatedly) that it hasn’t really worked out that way so far. In fact, my quota as shown in the panel has actually decreased, and is now just about the same as as a new “Happy Hosting” plan user’s. I’m thinking my quota number just got so ridiculous the system gagged on it (thought it was an error?)

I suspect if I complained about this they would “adjust” it back to some even higher outrageous amount, but in reality there is just no need to do so. Sure it might be reassuring to see a an ever bigger number there, but the point is that I have more than enough to meet my needs. And, if they do what they have indicated and double that amount for existing users, I’ll have “more than double enough to meet my needs”. :slight_smile:

My thinking is, “I’ll worry about it when/if I start to feel cramped … if I live that long.”



I don’t even use my weekly “additional” space and bandwidth each month.

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I’m almost the same way - just have a couple of large free game demo versions I’m mirroring that account for half my allocation. I’ve also gotta clean up all the .old versions of my sites one day.

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What is the site Lensman ?

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The irony is that I took the sites down a few months back!

I was running a wiki for the RTS game Supreme Commander and had mirrored the trailer and demo version for it. I was in discussions about a merger with someone else who was running an alternate wiki for the same game when my wiki got spammed and I decided it would be less work to merge with their wiki than for me to clean up the spam.

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Still stuck at my old disk space setting (which has now increased to ~290GB due to 2gb per week), when will this happen?

Granted I almost have 300GB and probably won’t even use 100GB of it, but still as a long time member I think I should be getting the same if not BETTER treatment then newbie DreamHosters that just sign up today… So where’s my 500GB !!!


Yeah, still no extra disk space. :slight_smile:

Did you read the newsletter, though? We can now buy SSL certs and buy phone callback support on our old plans!

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Great now I can call them up for $9.95 per mth to ask where my space is :frowning:



Actually, you’d have to send in a ticket and ask them to call you back! :wink:

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If I pay $19.95 per month, can I request that Josh personally calls me back each time?