Craft cms and DreamHost VPS - 404

I hope this is helpful to others:
First installing craft is doable! And if you have a VPS it is very easy. If your domain or sub-domain is fully hosted I doubt you will have trouble. Just follow the Craft instructions.
Unless –
Make sure that you do not have webDAV or any other of the goodies from Htaccess/wevDev turned on.

I was able to install Craft on sub-domains without issue but when I went to install on the primary domain I immediately ran into trouble - the install would not complete. The install appeared to start but stopped quickly. The primary domain was created years ago and someone had turned on webDAV.

This turned out to be the root cause of the failed install. So make sure nothing is there. Also if you intend to use Nginx you better know that I was not successful - I had to use Apache. I’m not sure why?

The support staff was very helpful but they had little knowledge of Craft and they consider Craft to be a custom install. The policy is a hands off when comes to a custom install. That is sad to say at the least. Support should be expanded.

The strange thing I was able to get the site up and running but none of the admin stuff worked - giving a 404 on the login files. Turning off webDav allowed admin to work.