Does anyone know about crabgrass and dreamhost? Is it possible to install it on a mutualised account? If yes, do exist some links of how to install?

Crabgrass is the software of the group riseup, and seems very sophisticated for groups.

To install it, I have found this documentation
But it seems to be on a onw server, not possible for a mutualised account :frowning:

Thank you,

Marianne, french


I have progressed by adapting the instructions.
Config seems ok and also mysql configuration.

And I have installed the domain with the option Passenger for application using Ryby on rails.

But when I launch “rake db:schema:load RAILS_ENV=production”, I have 2 errors:
These gems that this application depends on are missing:
- riseuplabs-greencloth
Run “rake gems:install” to install them.
rake aborted!
Expected /home/soc_ief_net_crab/
/user_extension/cache.rb to define UserExtension::Cache

And it does not depend of how I have set the option text_editor

In the installed files, I have

But how I can install the gem greencloth ?

I don’t know Ruby on rails and have searche a little documentation but cannot found how to make.

Thank you,

Marianne, french