CPU usage stats - threads open?


Is there a limit on CPU time for shared servers, and how many open ports do I get at a time? I’ve experienced a bottleneck and trying to figure if the HW restrictions have anything to do with it. I’m on Wolverine.


IIRC, you can have around 20 concurrent connections and around 30 open processes. You’ll need to fit it all within the memory limits which seem to be about 90MB. I’m not sure if that’s per process (which would be very generous) or total across all processes and users. My guess is that it’s per process with a higher total limit for all users/processes in an account.

CPU time is basically as much as you like as long as you aren’t slowing down the server for everyone else. According to the wiki, this can be up to 300 CPU minutes per day, assuming your site is otherwise efficient.


Thanks. That seems generous enough. I’m trying to import a usenet group and its taking almost 2 days now.