CPU usage question

hello again everyone,
I’m very new, just a week or so into my dreamhost adventure. I am using phpbb and a few other scripts on my site and enabled the cpu usage monitoring option just to see how it was going. my site is low traffic right now, but is being used nonetheless. I am having trouble seeing what the cpu usage report is telling me. here is a sample

Process CPU seconds user machine count average

Total: 0.0000 100.000% 0.000% 0
Average per day: 0.0000 1 days

I am guessing that I am using the 0.0000 seconds? but what is the user=100.000% mean? Again i am using phpbb and some other scripts so I know i am using at least a tiny % of cpu time. but is it just too small to show up on here? mostly curious as to what the user/100% column is. thank you.

CPU time is allocated in two ways - user and system. Think of system time as the cpu necessary to provide service for the user’s cpu needs. Waiting for disk/memory/network, swapping processes in and out, all of these shouldn’t be billed to the user as part of their CPU allocation.

Now, why you got a zero is probably due to not having any data for the period. But it can also occur if you used so little CPU that as a percentage of the entire CPU available, you didn’t use much.

Note also that cpu accounting is done on a per user basis so your web site may be using a different user and the cpu stats are stored under that account.

Check 'em all. It should make reasonable sense then.


Thanks for the details. I made sure to check all of the stats I have on record for the past week or so and they are all the same. just 0.000%. like i said, i do have very low visitors right now. but i have been testing it a lot [over 100+ reloads of the phpbb/day), etc etc. with some actual real users as well. not a lot, but no 0.0000%. maybe 0.0001%? :slight_smile:

so the 100% of the ‘system’ part doesn’t have anything to do with me then, thats just the whole server or something…however that works? thank you again

There’s a raw file you can look at also. This may help show you where things are going. It’s VERY rare for anyone here to have 0%, php.cgi shows up on just about every user’s list.

I just pulled my info:

[code]Process CPU seconds user machine count average
php.cgi 29.3500 93.591% 0.122% 194 0.151
ruby 1.1400 3.635% 0.005% 6 0.190
sshd 0.6100 1.945% 0.003% 2 0.305
sh 0.1200 0.383% 0.001% 48 0.002
bash 0.0900 0.287% 0.000% 2 0.045
more 0.0200 0.064% 0.000% 7 0.003
top 0.0100 0.032% 0.000% 1 0.010
sh 0.0100 0.032% 0.000% 48 0.000
ls 0.0100 0.032% 0.000% 4 0.003
bash 0.0000 0.000% 0.000% 4 0.000
ssh 0.0000 0.000% 0.000% 1 0.000

Total: 31.3600 100.000% 0.131% 317
Average per day: 31.3600 1 days
CPU percentage assumes 24000 cpu seconds per day total.
[/code]I can now explain the 100%, Note that each line item contributes to the total of 100%. It’s easier to tell when you can see live data.


sorry for being so naive but i’m new to this more indepth stuff. so the ‘user’ part in your sample log doesn’t really have much relevance to your domains itself, it’s just the server as whole then - like if you were just making sure the entire machine was working ok. or maybe i have it all wrong Lol.

eitherway I guess the total you used that day was 31.3600 seconds, which i take it isn’t much at all. how much would you have to start worrying about moving up to a VPS or dedicated…when you use more like 50% of the server or something?

I too thought that was weird about the 0.00% usage on my account but I double checked it. i just downloaded the logs in the resource section of my ftp for the domain i have the cpu stats enabled on, the one with phpbb and some other stuff, and they all say the same 0.000%. but I have definitely been using them some so maybe something isn’t updating right?

There’s no hard limits here, but if you use a lot and impact the other users they’ll talk to you about it and see if they can’t help you get it reduced. They may even move you to another server to try to reduce the load on the server your on to give you some time to get it worked out.

Having a hard limit was a pain for everyone involved so they allow logging so you can keep track of things.

One thing I have to ask - Are you users configured to do CPU tracking? (there’s a checkbox in the control panel under manage users). It’ll probably take 24 hours to start working properly.


yes, my user for that domain is set for the cpu tracking. it’s been creating a log file that i can grab from ftp everyday but they are all 0%.

i’m not really too concerned with going over the cpu limit I guess but was mostly just curious how efficient my scripts were. but at 0% there’s nothing to compare them to. i don’t know…

Maybe there’s a problem on your server. I’d report it and let DH figure it out.