CPU usage limits

I’ve seen a fair few comments about the CPU usage limts which as a potential customer sound like both a good and a bad idea. If they prevent any other user from using excessive resources then I’m all in favour of that.

My only concern is that I want to optimise my site to reduce the CPU usage within my own development box before putting it on a DH server.

Could anyone indicate what software or method is being used to calculate CPU time per domain so that I can recreate that calculation on my dev server?

Dreamhost use the GNU Accounting Utilities.

This article explains a bit about it:


If you have your own development box don’t you have some tools that came with it?

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It is going to be difficult to properly optimise your site on the development system without some live traffic. You could always upload the site to DreamHost, enable CPU reporting and, if CPU usage seems on the high side, optimise it there.

CPU reporting can be enabled in the Web Panel at Status -> Statistics -> Customize


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