CPU restrictions


I have just got done reading a myriad of recent reviews by angry ex-customers of DreamHost complaining of restrictions DreamHost puts on “CPU.” The sites claim that DreamHost will shut down sites using dynamic content (e.g., PHP) because it uses “CPU.”

Could someone please explain what is going on? So far everything had seemed good about DreamHost; why would they need to implement such a nasty, restrictive rule on its customers. If I switch to DreamHost, I plan on using PHP for nearly all of my pages. A restriction like this would really stymie my websites’ traffic. Please, someone tell me DreamHost is planning on fixing whatever “CPU” restrictions they currently impose.


There are no CPU restructions like you describe. Dreamhost however does require that you keep your CPU usage to 50-60 CPU minutes per day . This Wiki Article should be of some help.

Basically every time someone loads a php page or cgi script, it requires the server to do a bit of processing before sending out the data. As long as your site is well coded, no horrible sloppy scripting you probably won’t have any problems. Don’t forget that’s there’s the 97 day money back so if you switch over and find things really won’t work out you can get your money back.



To make sure you qualify for the 97 day guarantee, be sure to pay for your hosting using a credit card.

Other forms of payment (like PayPal) may not qualify for the guarantee.

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