CPU Minutes


I’m hitting about 2000 CPU seconds (<40 CPU Minutes) on a GeekLog & Gallery site.

  1. Does this seem excessive for GeekLog and Gallery?

  2. What really happens if I get 50% more traffic and hit that magic 60 CPU Minutes DreamHost uses as a rule of thumb for a limit?



GeekLog, yes, Gallery, no. Gallery is a very CPU intensive script. Gallery 2.1 has made big bounds with its reworking of caching and thumbnailing, but it can still hit hard. You may want to look into disabling any plugins you don’t need, and look into making sure the cache is enabled and working properly.

If GeekLog has a cache addon, grab it too.

You might also search the wiki for instructions to set up FastCGI for your entire site, which should help with CPU usage all around.


Best of luck.


Whether the CPU usage is excessive or not would depend on the actual level of traffic you are receiving. How many visitors/page views are you receiving per day?


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It’s only about 1000 pages per day, much of it in Gallery 1.5. I’ll look into finally doing a Gallery 2 upgrade and caching options. I briefly looked into FastCGI, but that’s about it.



1000 hits a day, mostly to gallery 1.5, sounds about right for the CPU level you’re seeing. Gallery 1.5 was… for lack of a better word, horribly unoptimized. Gallery 2.0 was better, 2.1 even better still… one of the things about the way we run our services is that files are accessed over NFS… and when you have a program like Gallery with some 5000 individual little files, that’s an NFS access delay time for each file read. You can guess this adds up really quickly.

Let us know if 2.1 helps you out!


Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to settle in for some upgrade time on the site.



Thanks again for all the help. I upgraded GeekLog from 1.3 to 1.4, and Gallery from 1.5 to 2.1.

These upgrades have cut my CPU time in half.



That is absolutely great news. Half! That rocks. Thanks for reporting back, I didn’t realize just how much difference those upgrades could make!