Cpu minutes


I’m only using a vbulltin forum & now my sites have been taken down… I’m no yech guy and have no idea what to do… I’ve not heard back… My staic sites have been taken down aswelll.


Im just writing to let you know that you are still using more cpu minutes
then what you are allowed, thought I would give you a heads up before your sites were turned off.

You are currently using


when only 60cp is allowed.


try the search feature on this forum at at the wiki.dreamhost.com

This has come up several times before, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some good advice.



Unless you are getting a very large amount of visitors, I would say your problems are probably due to an errant plugin of some sort.

I assume you were warned before the sites were taken down, did you take any steps to try to reduce your CPU usage?


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You can try to pinpoint the problem locating which scripts gave demand more usage. The wiki explains how you can do it so your cpu report usage will show more than a general php.cgi

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Yes I’ve tried but cant pinpoint what the problem is causing cpu usage & i’ve emailed support they are telling me to sort it out & given wiki link but thats no help to me, but I know nothing techincal to sort it out. So Im stuck in an awkword position.


I had disabled all plugins but my site has been taken down i’m only using vbulletin forum. I move to dh because of good service and was told vbulletin was not a problem installing on dh.


How many visitors was your site receiving? If it wasn’t a large number, then it is strange that a standard vbulletin install, with no plugins, could be using so much CPU.


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