CPU Limit

I’ve heard talk of a CPU limit using Dreamhost, does anyone know the details? In particular, can I have a long running process with low CPU usage, or will any process that runs for more than a minute be killed?

If you don’t have heavy cpu usage it should be ok


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The flexibility of CPU usage is also talked about near the bottom of this blog post.

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That blog post seems a little out of date, as it mentions the old 60 minute / day limitation, which was removed a while ago.

Currently there is no hard CPU limit. As long as your sites are not adversely affecting others on your shared server you should be fine.


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This CPU Resources FAQ in the wiki was updated by Josh, a Honcho, shortly after the blog post mentioned earlier.

They recently hired more support help.
DreamHost Customers wiki And Forum

That’s what I meant by flexibility. :wink: The limit is mentioned, but somewhat denied at the same time, referring to the case-by-case basis–which I guess is what they really mean by lifting the limit.

Has anyone gotten a warning since the change, that used to be pushing it before? I’m curious as to how far you have to blow past the old limit before throwing up a flag.

I’d also love to know what percentage of people that hit the limit (either the old one, or the case-by-case method), are hitting it out of pure volume… and how many because of inefficient coding/DB queries.

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That’s an interesting question, and one that I’d also like to see some hard data on.

Most of the forum threads that I can recall complaining about sites being disabled under the old CPU limit were along the lines of ‘my forum only has xxx members, but has been disabled for excessive CPU usage’, so I suspect that inefficient scripts and plug-ins account for a large share of such cases.


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Hi guys! I rarely post here but I have gaming site with 1000 active users on Dreamhost and it uses 100 CPU minutes per day. I had no complain from DH and they are also extremely kind. Justin from Dreamhost checked my slow mysql database and have created indexes on all tables and also told me how to do it. Now the site is very fast and I always recommend Dreamhost to anyone asking me for hosting solution.

I think it’s very important to optimize your code and database. I’m working on optimizing almost all of the time and I’m checking CPU usage and other things daily becouse I don’t wan’t to cause troubles to people who are on the same server. Maybe it’s also good luck that I’m from Europe and that in U.S. daily times my site is not very busy. In any case I know for many problems with shared hosting and I’m not really convienced that this site could run so smoothly on any other shared hosting.

I hope this post will help anyone with their CPU related issues.


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Adiego, you don’t know how good it is to read your post. In other forums I participate, people are always bashing DreamHost because of the cpu usage issue, and even if I tell them that without some sort of limit, all users will be in trouble because of just one, nobody cares.

But to read that they really helped you, instead of just saying “bye bye” is the proof for what we say.

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