I was thinking about switching to dreamhost when I get a darn computer but I was wondering does dh use cpanel. If not do they have something similar I do see that they have easy install things like cpanel. I am just used to cpanel that’s why I ask.

DH doesn’t use cpanel but does have a panel that they have made themselves. It handles mostly everything including one click installs, email, domains, sql billing etc.

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I’d take Dreamhost’s panel over CPanel any day.

Like anything new, you’ll have to get used to it, but it’s pretty straight forward and easy to use.

Plus, a lot of people here have experience with CPanel as well, so if you run into different wording, or something you can’t find/figure out, you can always ask here.

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So it is pretty much same thing then. Ok thank you. Are there any added bonus’s that this has that cpanel has or anything like that. Its not like it really matters just gathering info.

Here’s a few screnshots :

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Thanks for the screens. On my phone so it took me a while to see it. :slight_smile: thanks. Yeah it looks differant but I have seen nothing but positive feedback. Thank you also for your quick reponses.

Are you looking for particular features out of the web panel of your host? For example, are you looking for particular one-click web application installations, database administration panels, etc?

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No I am not. I was just inquiring as to whether they used cpanel and also if it had more features and such. Not actually looking for any particular instalation thing. Just asking questions keeping you on your toes I guess. :wink:

In addition to the DH custom Control Panel, which I believe is much better than cPanel, the ability to operate directly in the shell via an ssh connection allows for a lot of flexibility.

Combine the custom Control Panel with the shell access, and you can do all kinds of things that are either difficult, or impossible, with cPanel. :wink:


I agree that I like the DH custom panel better!

For the OP’s benefit, I’d would like to note that I know of at least one cPanel host that also allows shell access (In case the OP would be more comfortable with that).

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I just got a chance to use CPenal to set up a website for my client. I tried to create a database. But the process almost confused me.

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CPanel is pretty nice and other than a short time with Plesk, it was what I had used for years before coming to DH. Although, when I log into CPanel now days, I find myself searching for the control that I get with the Dreamhost panel and it just isn’t there. I think if you try the DH Panel for a month, you will never want to go back to anything less.

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